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March 28, 2011

A Different Approach : John 5

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Bible Passage

We did bible study this ca, being lead by Miss Beatrice who has been faithfully serving in ca. She guided us through the scripture (John 5:1-15) in a different and creative manner, helping us to visualize and understand more about the background of the few verses. She started of by getting a few members to read the scriptures out loud, followed by a few rounds of sketches, acting out the scene as described in the bible. This bible passage basically speaks about an invalid man, lying by the pool of Bethesda, and how Jesus approached him and healed him. We were encouraged to think and put ourselves in the shoe of that invalid man and discussed about what do we see and feel.

The Invalid Man

Being in a place where all sick people gathered for 38 years, the man would have most probably gave up hope of trying to get healed or might have felt comfortable with his current life. When Jesus approached him and asked if he wants to get well, I think he must have felt that Jesus was different in a way, that he took the trouble to talk to him as he might not being given any attention for a very long time. He was healed. Pharisees who were there confronted him as it was a Sabbath and he was not suppose to carry his mat (he picked up his mat and walk and was healed just as Jesus told him to). After that, Jesus went up to him in the temple again and told him not to sin again.

From this passage of scripture, we can basically see the heart of Jesus that was just so devoted to the needs of his people. He cared more for the people and not so much of the laws. He gave attention and care and healed a man most people wouldn’t even notice of. Besides that, he even took an extra mile to warn that man against sinning as physical healing is not the same as spiritual healing. He wants us to be found in him and grow not just at some point of our life but throughout our whole journey of life. This is the heart of our God, who loves and goes all out to care for his people even if they are non believers. Looking at the heart of our creator, will we stop and spend time investing in the lives of others and look out for the needs of others? We are called to love and loving is simply just by caring and taking interest in the needs of others. Reflecting at our lives, in what ways are we similar to the invalid man? Are there any areas of our life that needs the touch of God or in what ways are we too comfortable in life? We have to make our own decision whether to get well or not before our God can truly move in of our lives. Risk it and surrender the areas of life that needs to be changed, be it the growth of your spiritual walk with god, relationships with people or even as simple as stop complaining and see things from a different perspective? It will surely cost you something but I’m sure God is going to pour out so much more and bring us into a higher level of experiencing Him when you let go and let him take control.

God bless =D


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Noticeably, attendance was reduced this week – might be affected by competitions that was, is and will be held.

:D :D :D

On the contrary however, the spirit to worship God wasn’t affected one bit at all. And, the ice-breaking game was bonding and gluing – literally – each and every one together.

Getting REAL with Jesus was the focus this week. And of this purpose as well, John 5:1 – 15 was chosen as the subject for the bible study.

I’m a WORD ESSENTIAL Christian – Let the word investigate you!

‘What is God’s word asking of me today?’

Often, we wonder what does the stories in the Bible tells us and how can they be related to us, right now, at this point of our lives.

The story of the invalid man – simple but of much meaning it contains – tells us of the things that we never realized was there before. In a way, we are so much different physically when compared to the invalid man, yet mentally and emotionally we do not differ much from him.

The four questions put forth to those present that day, leave each and every one of them with something to really think about – of the things that we have been struggling with, up to the extent we chuck it aside to one far corner of the brain in the ‘Deal Later’ section or the fact that some of us might have lost hope and just given up on the things that was once one of the priority in life.

It wasn’t a dead end, as so we’ve discovered. Things are to be done, and this shows how much we want it, how sincere we are about it and how real we are towards it.

We know God is always there to help us – guiding us as we take our first step in attending the long-forgotten issue. This is a big relief isn’t it? To know there is someone who’ll be there to catch us along the way when we fall. With the comfort we find in his words, we will always find the strong point to carry oneself up and start again.

Praise Him for that :)

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Hannah Wee

It’s blessed when everyone come together before the Lord to worship and adore Him.

Actually I had been delaying my serving as pianist for a couple of times due to some reasons, until the latest CA which was on the 24th, I said to God, that I’ll put Him first, I’ll serve Him, I know He’ll lead me in my studies. So I came, and believe me, it’s amazing. God really showed me that He is able, as long as we trust in Him and put Him first. So amazing that my German exam was on Thursday itself, so it doesn’t affect anything. Glory to God!

Thank God we really had a powerful prayer together, touching worship, and good bible study.

From the bible study led by Miss Beatrice, there’s one question from her that struck my heart, which is “How am I like the invalid man?”
Indeed at times when we are so helpless, it’s the one word of God, that give us strength to stand up again, it’s His very word that comfort us and bring light into our life. Praise to HIM!

Thank God we ended with warm supper from some sisters. May God bless you. =)

March 14, 2011

Prayers for Japan

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Hey people, we know that prayers work right? Let’s pray for Japan and the people. Care for the nation that God has created. Let this post not be an effort that goes to naught. Say a word of prayer for Japan and believe that God will do something that brings Japan out of darkness. I believe that as all these prayers go up to heaven, God’s miracles will be evident in Japan. This will be such an experience with God for the people there and testimonies after testimonies will surface.

Japan sees a potential disastrous deterioration to their health due to the damage at the nuclear plant. Generations of Japanese afflicted with illnesses like cancer? ='(

No one should be destitute of a prayer. If you love God, love the people He loves so much. Pray, that’s the wee bit you can do.

For God is gracious,


Jesus Christ, Lord of our Time, Money and Goals.

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Just as the Bible says that our God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, our God is definitely relevant in every aspect of our life. Hence, He is the Lord of our Time, Money, Goals, as the theme for this week CA suggests. Our God is a God who never goes out of fashion nor will He be obsolete that He deserves to be cast aside and thrown into the trash bin.

This week, we are truly blessed to have Mr Rajen Devadason as our speaker for CA.  First off, he started it with a rather depressing question that sparked a feeling of apprehension among all who were present. The question goes like this, ‘Statistics showed that 2/3 of young Christians who were very passionate in Christ tend to distant themselves from God after 20 to 30 years. Those who stayed strong and walk in God’s way is merely 1/3 of the original number. If this statistic is true, then 20 to 30 years from now, among those who are serving here in CA, only a few remains while others will leave the flock. Who is certain that he or she will be among the 1/3 of the faithful sheep?’

some looked skeptical and uncertain, some find it scary and inconceivable, me inclusive. He somehow shook my confidence. i asked myself if I am able to stay strong in God and follow Jesus for as long as I live? As my heart says yes, I love my Father and I want to hold His right hand forever, I could feel the confidence that God gave me, the assurance. at that instance, i raised my hand and there was no feeling of uncertainty. i could feel that God is making a promise with me that He will stay with me forever, how can I abandon Him and break His heart? No I cant do that, we all Can’t.

He then went on and talked about the definition of success. Men have been defining success based on their own intellectual, which is why this word centers around wealth and luxury. But what really is success? Mr Rajen defined it as such, ‘ Success is knowing Jesus and making Him known‘. Indeed, success is not about us, our comfort or even our own satisfaction. But success is about fulfilling a purpose God has given to us in our lives. To live a life without God’s purpose is empty and void. However, to live up to God’s purpose, making His name and love famous, bringing glory to His name, knowing that He will be smiling from Heaven above, pleased by His children, I say, that is a success, an eternal success.

Mr Rajen also touched on aligning our lives to what the bible says. What the bible does not say, that is not the truth. People often blame on money for being the root of all evils, but mind you, the bible says the love for money is the root of all evils. (in 1 Timothy 6:10) So people, read your bibles hehe.

Sorry that my words could not contain all that he had said, somehow some information is lost while it is being transferred here. Get yourself on the first-hand sermon in the next CA, refreshing and rejuvenating for your souls. Yes i’m inviting you hahaha come!!! =D

For God is gracious,



CA was awesome this week! Our speaker Mr. Rajen came and spoke a lot of truth about life. On a personal level, I had been pondering about money and what God thought about it….dreams of making big buck, investing successfully and what not over the last holidays…and the more I thought about it, the more disenchanted I became with the thought of being wealthy. By the end of the holiday, I lost interest on learning what terms such as stocks, bonds etc and how Forex or the stock market worked.

Starting off with how Jesus came that we would have a life that is abundant, he came to speak of how money is not the root of evil, but love of money is. A minor difference word-wise which translates to oceans of difference when you consider the meaning. So it’s ok to be rich? Apparently, yes as long as your priorities are in place.

He then went on to speak on a lot of things, including the purpose of life, which was to know Jesus and to make Him known. This makes sense, since if you know what your purpose of life is, it’s cool to live out your life, make it big, and still know what you’re doing and why you’re here. Being poor and being rich makes no difference if you don’t know your purpose in life.

He also spoke of the importance of tithing. It doesn’t matter if you’re making three, four, five, (and maybe perhaps six) figures a month. Just tithe and give to God what belongs to Him (before tax of course, ahem), and He shower you with lots and lots of blessings. Awesome right? Indeed.

Then came the repeat of the statistics that only 1 out of 3 active church-going youngsters will still be in church in their adulthood. Well, that’s the truth and its scary. But I believe that if we make a stand now to stay in church, chances are, we’ll be part of the 1 out of 3.

That’s about all from me. Somehow, what the speaker spoke to us made some sense. I mean, God didn’t give us life to spend it thinking we’re not meant to be rich or wealthy. Why live low if you could maximize? Well, God has different callings for each of us, not everyone was meant to be rich (I think) but God blesses us in His own way, and I believe that if we take the initiative, we’ll be at least, well off.

Now for that read up on how the stock market works..…




March 1, 2011


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Get real… That’s a pretty common phrase used by today’s Y generation. But during tonight’s CA, the term took on a much deeper meaning as we delved into the question of who we really are in Christ.

The attendance in CA was noticeably reduced tonight due to the ongoing test season in several programmes. Nevertheless, it was clear that for those present, the passion and hunger for more of Him was not the least bit diminished.

CA started off on a slightly different note this time, with everyone gathering together to pray and commit the rest of the evening into God’s hands. It was a really powerful prayer session for as it is said in Matthew 18:20, “Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

After that, we played an energetic game of Bingo where names from the bible were used instead of numbers. God’s presence was so evident during the awesome time of worship that followed.

Games Session

The speaker of the night was Rev. Kenneth Chin, the Senior Minister of Acts Church. Sharing from Matthew 16:13, Pastor Kenneth impressed upon us that getting real is about getting revelation. He challenged us to start thinking about who we really are in life and how much we think we’re worth.

Pastor Kenneth sharing

Everyone was listening with rapt attention to this anointed, energetic (and hilarious =P) speaker as he shared from his own life experiences and encouraged us to be the best at being ourselves. He also shared that one of the most dangerous words in the English language is ‘they’ and that we should stop living by what ‘they’ say.

Everyone received loads of encouragement that night. There were even a handful of salvations and rededications. Truly, the smaller numbers did nothing to make this week’s CA any less special or God’s presence any less powerful.

Rather than conforming to the ‘they’s in our lives, we should get real and get that revelation about who we are in Christ. God will come upon those who know who they are. All He needs is for us to surrender to Him and say, “That’s all I have, use me, Lord.”

As for how much do we think we are worth? Well, God thinks you’re worth the death of His Son.



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