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Page updated on 4th April 2009

This year, 2009, Campus Alive would have spanned 7 generations of INTEC students since it was started. Yes, that’s right! Those entering in July 2008 would be of CA’s 7th generation and in less than half a year’s time, God-willing, CA will be able to welcome the 8th generation of young lives ready to be shaped and used for Him. This makes it a great time to visit our past and remember where CA started out from.

Though it was not known clearly at that time, God had planned and set things in motion for the full birth of CA many years back before 2002. According to Pastor David Tham, he was given the mandate in 1990 to start an outreach church. As he and his wife obediently prayed over it for one year, God’s hand was at work leading them and guiding them in each step to fulfill what was commissioned to be done.

Three months after they started praying, one of Pastor David’s cell members, an INTEC lecturer, asked if they were interested to start a campus ministry with some of her students. It was a door divinely-opened and the first meeting was held at the lecturer’s apartment. 16 students turned up and they were invited to gather every Saturday afternoon.

However the following Saturday came and none of the students turned up. Disappointed, they were about to pack up when a student from Sabah called. She wanted to come and the weekly Bible studies began with her. Four weeks later, two others joined and the number expanded to three. Within 6 months time, the group had grown to 17 students! Thus, was the early gathering of Christian students in the 1990s before CA came to be. It is interesting to note that it was this early group of students that eventually helped to start New Life Restoration Centre Shah Alam in 1991, the outreach church previously mandated one year before that.

For some years, the fellowship of Christian students passing through INTEC continued in an informal manner. It was that need and earnest desire of those who love God to meet together in fellowship and encouragement of one another in walking with God that eventually led to the birth of CA.

Seniors encouraged juniors to continue in such fellowship. Consequently, in 2002 this led to gatherings at 7pm in Akasia’s volleyball court for simple worship. After two such meetings, more prayer and initiative was put by the students into the development of a more permanent Christian fellowship. However as the numbers grew, the guys and girls could no longer meet in the volleyball court without official permission.

After much prayer about the matter, guy and girl cell groups were started. The students met in rooms for icebreakers, praise and worship, prayers, Bible studies, sharing and food. Coordinating and organizing the groups brought about the first informal leadership structure. There were, nevertheless, difficulties faced in organizing the cell groups and there was a lack of togetherness due to the separation of the guy and girl cell groups. But God was yet at work in the process to fully launch CA.

Easter 2003 came and with it the planning of the Easter Outreach where friends were invited to come see for themselves what Easter really means for Christians. Looking for the right venue was a problem but God provided through Pastor David of NLRC in Section 25, Shah Alam. The students were kindly allowed the use of NLRC’s premises and transportation was provided as well. The Outreach was a success and many came to know God in a more personal way.

This in turn birthed the more permanent establishment of Campus Alive. The name was chosen with the mindset of being a light and witness for Christ in the campus. The leadership as well as mission statement were also established by God’s guidance after the core group of students got together to pray and discuss.
Bearing in mind the importance of CA’s inter-denominational nature, the early group of leaders chose to maintain CA as an independent student body, but with the support and partnership of local churches. Instead of being under a particular church, CA is fully student-led and initiated. Hence, Pastor David Tham of NLRC and Pastor Ryan Foo from ACTS church were jointly CA’s advisors.

Pastor David kindly allowed CA the use of NLRC’s church premises for each CA meeting, even right up to this day. Thus, CA has since continued to meet fortnightly as a big gathering in NLRC (which later relocated to Kota Kemuning) and on other weeks, the guys and girls meet separately for cell groups.

In 2005, Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES) was invited to work alongside CA. Since then, CA has always had the encouragement, guidance and support of FES staffworkers from Ti Lian Chui to Karyn Chua, Lee Chun Chung and finally, our current staffworker Beatrice Leong.

CA has indeed grown and evolved over the years, but in our foundation and history we carry on the legacy of our roots, that is first and foremost to be a beacon of light in INTEC, blessing those around us. Secondly as inter-denominational, whether Roman Catholic, Methodist, Anglican, Baptist, Brethren, AOG and so on, charismatic or otherwise, uniting those who profess themselves to be followers of Christ from all parts of Malaysia. Thirdly, as wholly student-led and initiated; notably and specifically under the guidance of God.

Lastly and certainly not the least importantly, the God-supplied friendship, care and genuine fellowship between CA members has always been a blessing to those who pass through CA. Truly, CA exists today because of what God had planned and brought about and will continue to exist for His special purpose. In celebrating God’s grace for 7 generations of CA members we look forward with hope for another 7 generations under His grace and faithfulness to CA!

With love,
CA Seniors


  1. wow… finally someone did compose all the details into one report…

    Great job!

    hope can join CA meetings even after i graduated…

    Comment by Pat — April 10, 2009 @ 6:57 pm

  2. Awesome to see CA’s growing! :)
    Walk the God’s path guys (n gals) n continue striving for Him!

    With love,
    Peter (ATU11)

    Comment by Peter L. — August 31, 2009 @ 8:03 pm

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