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Page updated on 4th April 2009

For more information on INTEC and various other itty bitty details you’d like to get yourself familiar with before you get here, please do read what our lovely seniors wrote! (: It’s all here in the old blog. Please click!

We’ll try to keep the information on current events in INTEC updated.

Extracted from the old blog:

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Getting Around INTEC, Shah Alam, and Kuala Lumpur

Hey guys! Alright, regarding how to get around town, there are many ways to get to the places you want to go. Let’s start with KL, since you’ll be wondering how to escape the dreary haze of Shah Alam (kidding).

To get to KL (from Cemara/Akasia): Get onto T529 Rapid KL bus from the bus stop in front of the Esso station, and get off at the KTM station in Section 19 (keep your eyes open, it’s about 5 stops away). At the KTM, you can get a ticket to Subang Jaya (that’s Sunway), KL sentral, or Midvalley. Or if you are with friends, just hop into the taxi straight to the KTM station.

To get to KL (from Cendana): This is a bit tricky. There’s no T529, so you need to board a T602, which will take you to the Section 2 bus hub (get off after you see McD). There you need to wait for T529 which will take you a long way to the KTM. If you have friends, please take a taxi. Much faster. OR! You can board a U80 at section 2, which will take you straight to KL sentral. Travel time on the U80: 45 min to 1 hour. Depends on traffic.

To get to Shah Alam shopping areas: There is a whole gang of malls (Plaza Alam Sentral, SACC mall, PKNS) at section 14. Very easy for guys to go. From Cendana: Take T602 and sit there until we reach PKNS. That’s it! : ) But coming back is a whole big round, so i recommend taking a taxi. From Cemara/Akasia, it’s best to just take a taxi. These malls have a post office, food outlets, bowling, jamming center, etc.

To get to Klang: If you have a car, it’s much easier to reach your bak kut teh. If not, just take a taxi. There’s a cinema in Klang too.

To get to Sunway Pyramid:Route 1: From KTM Subang, take a taxi. Route 2: From KTM Subang, take the minibus. 70 cents. Route 3: Driving there yourself is much cheaper. Or take a taxi straight from Shah Alam. It’s faster, and cheap if you are with friends.

Banks in Shah Alam: In Section 18, Cemara/Akasia students can access Maybank and CIMB. For Cendana guys, there is a CIMB behind PKNS in section 7. Bank Islam is near in Kompleks PKPS at section 14.

Supplies – How to Survive if You’re A…

Cendana-ian – Ok, Cendana life is simple and sweet. For food, we have the ever-popular mamak Dawood down the road after Petronas. But there are alternatives. Walk a bit further to the Pasar, and you will find Indonesian-Malay run stalls that sell cheap and mostly clean food. I recommend the second last stall towards the right. For a veggie, meat and rice, you pay 2.70. Pasar Malam is on every Tuesday and Friday night, do come as early as 5 or 6 for the best food. If you come later, you may get less variety, but discounts. For supplies, there are two sundry shops next to Dawood. Stationary is usually purchased from INTEC Koperasi or in Section 18. For laundry, there is a laundry shop next to Dawood. For handphone reload, also next to Dawood. You can draw your money at Petronas gas station, but please remember that ATMS run out fast, so make sure you have back up cash at hand.

Cemara/Akasia-ian – Blessed are you! There are food outlets that outnumber the fingers on your hand. Banks are easily accessible, too. Giant and Mydin are there, which makes your life very easy. There’s  Chinese lady that drives up to the Akasia bus stop at 5 on weekdays to sell dinner. Chinese style. Very nice. But watch out for the long line. Come early. Everything is pretty much provided in Section 18, so not much explanation here.
What’s it Like Living in Intec?

Cendana – Every unit has two small rooms, a separated shower and toilet, a small kitchen bench, and a study area. One room has two bunk beds, the other room has two individual beds. Cendana is newer, thus there are tiled floors in most rooms and the walls are clean.

Cemara/Akasia – Every unit has two small rooms, a combined shower/toilet, a kitchen to itself, a balcony and a study area. One room has two individual beds. Cemara/Akasia is older, but it’s fine.

Clubs in INTEC

There are numerous clubs in INTEC, most of which hold an event a year at least. Example: Japanese Society, Cultural Arts Theatre Society, Hiking and Climbing Club, Toastmasters, Intec Debate Club. Clubs are not a compulsory thing. It’s on your own initiative.

Campus Alive – where does it fit in?

Life in INTEC is generally balanced. This means that you are not rushed all the time for studies. In fact, there is a lot, if not substantial time for you to be involved in many other activities. That’s why at Campus Alive, we provide you with a chance to serve God in so many areas! There’s plenty of time to make friends, and get to know people in CA. Plus, it’s a night away from the normality of life in the hostel. Whether your life in INTEC will make a difference in yourself and others, is all up to you. We hope you’re not just passing through just to get to university. Make the moments worth it.

For more information on how to get involved in making our college alive, click here!

We would like to improve this section. For suggestions, please leave your comments!


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