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July 29, 2012

Big Family I found in INTEC

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Hi everyone! I have been asked to write up for Campus Alive last week. It’s such a great honour to be able to share with all of you here. I do not intend to make this a lengthy post however. To date, I have been in INTEC for 3 weeks. Surely in the beginning there were feelings of homesickness and a dire need to call my parents every morning and every night. I had always thought that this new college life would be exciting. I never really did expect the long hours of loneliness and isolation.


I first heard of CA on the internet, as part of my extensive research on the life in INTEC and again, during orientation. Fast forward to the part where CA held its first meeting at Kota Kemuning, I was uncertain of whether or not to go considering the amount of assignments I had. It was God’s plan for me to be there I suppose, because I disregarded everything I had to finish and the assignments that were due, followed my heart and went ahead with Kezia and Elaine to CA.


CA was amazing! I had a real good time in CA during the games and praise and worship. It was warm and welcoming.

College life would not be so easy now that I am away from my family, but it wasn’t as hopeless as I thought knowing that CA itself is a big family.

There were many times in the previous years I gave up on joining youth groups in church because I had no friends. CA was entirely different. It was really a great experience to be with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ knowing that I have people I can count on.


I really thank God for putting me here in INTEC. For it was in INTEC that I found CA.

And it was CA that renewed my strength, my hope and my faith in Christ.

I am looking forward for more CA meetings in the near future! The games, the praise and worship, the sharing, the people and most of all, God’s presence among us.


July 27, 2012

Jehovah Jireh

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I don’t know where to start and I guess I can only start by praising God. God has really provided, as the new academic year starts and I’m glad he has. Previously, my whole CA committee and I were worried that we would not have any juniors who will carry on the vision and dream of Campus Alive! But God has blessed us with many juniors. Some handsome, some beautiful, but all and I really do mean all, full of life and love of God

From Melvin’s sister Magdeline to Kevin Jay Singh, CA has people who have the foundation in God and who will go the extra mile for Him! Also in this picture is Jo Ee and Valerie with Audrey a little hidden behind.

Kiren was the latest addition to the CA family of Christ late last sem and this sem, he seems to have to ongoing fire to keep bringing others to Christ, or at least strengthen their walk in Him. He is pictured here with Koah Kien, John and Johnny.

Here are other juniors, I can’t remember all their names and this group has not came for any CA meeting yet but I believe as God has provided the people, He will bring the people to Him!

Jeanette and Ceazann are latest additions to the CA family. Seniors who previously did not come for CA came this semester even though they had Minds meetings and I praise God for their dedication.

So welcome back seniors and juniors! :D May this new sem in CA bring you to a closer knowledge of God!


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