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September 6, 2008

CA, I’m back!

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Ask a JPA scholar who is studying abroad now what he or she misses most, the expected answers would be: Family members, food, shopping centre etc. Ask me, a JPA scholar who is studying abroad now and had been to CA before, my reply would surely include the 2 big capital letters: CA.

Since the day I departed Malaysia for my destination: Germany, CA has always been on my mind. Thoughts like: when can go back and visit CA again? How are the juniors now? What sort of ice-breakers will be held this time? will always appear on my mind whenever Thursday arrives. To satisfy my “hunger” for CA, visiting the CA blog has become a weekly habit for me. However, just by looking at reports and pictures doesn’t seem enough for me. I had to be there somehow. Thank God that He has listened to my prayers and after 9 months of separation, I’m back in Shah Alam again!

Besides visiting CA, one of my objectives of coming back to Malaysia was to spread the news about my church in Germany to the juniors and more or less help them in choosing their future universities by giving them advices. During the meeting with my fellow ALG juniors in KFC, I got the chance to meet CA “Papa” and “Mama” and other fellow committee members as well. It’s assuring to see that God has capable people like them to replace the departed Joash and gang.

After 9 months, CA did have some changes to it. From previous reports, I got to know that the NLRC building has undergone some renovation. However, I did not know that the hall has changed floor as well! The hall where we usually meet for CA meetings was actually on the 1st floor. Having that thought in mind, I opted to use the staircase to save the time waiting for the lift. To my surprise, first floor was totally empty! So I and Vincent walked up the stairs and look inside every door at each floor. Finally we managed to find CA on the 5th floor. Thank God for the opportunity to be able to do some exercise after dinner. =)

Besides having the chance to visit CA, Vincent and I were given the privilege to conduct the ice-breaking session as well. I have to admit that the game we thought of was not as interesting or fun as the previous games held last time. It’s not an easy task to think of a good game (try asking the usual conductors!). Anyway, through the games, the both of us received supports in many ways! Everyone cooperated well when I was trying to split the groups evenly. Eagerness is something not lacking in this bunch of juniors. Before I can finish stating all the instructions for the game, they already got started! Amazing! By the way, I also got to know how valuable a chocolate from Germany can be…

One of the things that I have missed the most in CA when I was in Germany was the praise and worship session. The word above (shirt worn by Yi En), if one can see clearly, is Passion. This is something that I never find lacking in each and every Praise session of CA. The worship leader, the background singers and the musicians never fails to create a wonderful atmosphere where one can fully focus on God by singing and praising Him. The scene where everyone sings at the top of their voices praising our Almighty God remains in my memory even until now. Kudos to the worship team once again for conducting the worship session so well.

The message for that evening served as a reminder for me as well. As a JPA scholar, the temptation of not coming back to our own country and work abroad can be irresistible at times. However, as our God is a covenant keeping God, we as Christians should also respect the contract or the bond between us and the government. In short, we should return home after finishing our studies. I guess this message couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. In this time where the stability of the nation is a big question mark, we as Christians should stand up and help out in making Malaysia a better place to live in, rather than just complaining about the government.

Time flies when one is enjoying every moment of it. Within a few hours’ time, my visit to CA has come to a close. To the juniors, I appreciate very much the time that we could spend together. Continue to serve God wherever you go. Life in overseas is not an easy one. This is the time when we need to depend on God the most. Never lose faith when hurdles come in your way, instead, pray and always give thanks to God. Cherish every moment where you can attend CA, I’m sure you will miss it when you are abroad. Thank you to the committee members of CA as well for the opportunity given to me and Vincent to conduct the games. I wanted to do something for CA since a long time ago. Last but not least, thank God for CA. Dear God, may You make CA a blessing to the students in INTEC. Amen!

Hmmm… when will be the next time I visit CA again? =)

In His service,
Daniel Tang
(Class of 2005-2007 ALG9 INTEC)



  1. Hi daniel, i’m doreen (AUSMAT 17, 05-06) currently doing pharm in adelaide, aus. =) n i totally agree with u! even after almost 2 years of leaving intec, i still miss CA so much! the question of “when will i be able to visit CA again?” is always on my mind too. and i’m really glad that CA is still goin strong, not just in numbers, but spiritually as well. =)

    Comment by Doreen — September 12, 2008 @ 11:53 pm

  2. Hi Doreen, im glad that the desire to visit CA is still in you! u haven been back to Msia since u left for Adelaide? 2 years is pretty long time… Do visit CA when u r bek, cos it’s a tremendous experience! im sure u will agree with me…

    Comment by Dann~ — September 13, 2008 @ 1:03 am

  3. i’m sure i’ll miss CA a lot too when i leave intec next year…must appreciate my ‘leftover’ CAs here…haha sounds so old…=p

    Comment by eliza — September 13, 2008 @ 11:26 pm

  4. haha…CA seemed to be something that everyone will miss when staying abroad, i guess this applies to me too. Guess what, one thing that i hope to bring over to Germany is NEW LIFE church and CA… wahaha… i am so blessed by CA, of course bless others of what i received too. I remember once, pastor told me: receive freely, give freely. cheers!!! Praise God

    Comment by helen — September 17, 2008 @ 11:57 pm

  5. hehehe i definitely know how you feel! can’t wait when I get to go back =)))

    Comment by amy — October 23, 2008 @ 6:03 pm

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