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May 10, 2013

The Most Important Lesson I learnt

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The rainbow above Kampung Bakok before we left
picture taken by Michelle Foo

  It was the guide of the Holy Spirit to pick what to in charge of during this mission trip. It was a privilege to preach to about 25 adults instead of 12 youths. As I was sharing, God was also ministering to my heart. Many times we humans tend to judge each other physical look and at times we would dislike our looks as we crave for others’ looks. This phenomenon is daunting in the modernized world and getting worse as the plastic surgery industry began to become common. Every one of us tends to forget that we are created in God’s eyes and every detail is designed in a unique manner by Him. We have no right to judge each other outwardly as we are on the same level. No one is above of each other.

At times, we would also judge each other according to status as well. During this mission trip, we could see that the orang semai had tapioca each day as their staple food, living in a lacking condition whereby they don’t have proper houses to live in, proper washrooms and for children a proper pair of slippers, yet, we are not supposed to judge them and sympathized them for being poor. In fact, they have been richly being blessed by God. They lead a simple lifestyle, with natural resources being supplied abundantly by God. The kids may not have the chance to go to Genting to play space –shot game there, yet, their activity of leaping off the bridge into the river is far more needed courage to do so. The kids do not have a pair of slippers, yet, their feet supported them from slipped down from the steep slope as they walked down from it. The villagers have a gift of good memory from God since they are simple-minded. They are able to learn up songs of praise and worship in a short time and all these will remain in their mind forever. For example, among them, there is the best guitarist who is self-taught as he can memorize all kinds of chords. Just like we cannot fit into their lifestyle, they cannot fit into our lifestyle as well.

The journey ended in a perfect way. We greeted each other farewell under a ring of rainbow. Unlike God using the rainbow as a covenant with Noah’s family, we cannot promise them that we would return and visit them, however, we can only pray that their generations will be educated while retaining the simplicity in their lives. In conclusion, Tuhan Yesus hok sengit. (Jesus loves u)

Sharon Tan Zhao Xin

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